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. >> pensé que el año de ajo era exotico . >> probaremos el de pavo . >> buenas tardes. >> gracias, los dejamos con el noticiero univisión. los titulares, la peor pesadilla de muchos padres, un estudiante adolescente de trece aÑos murÓ u balazos en un autobÚs escolar en miami, el sospechoso es otro estudiante, con mediaciÓn de egipto y estados unidos, israe lies y palestinos hablan del cese al fuego, pero bombas cobran vida en gaza e israel, ayuda a cientos de indocumentados afectados por sandy lo brinda el consulado de mÉxico en nueva york, y los mitos para sacarle provecho a ventas especiales del viernes negro, comenzamos. ♪. ♪. ♪. >>> este es su "noticiero univisiÓn" con jorge ramos y marÍa elena salinas. >>> muy buenas noches, comenzamos el noticiero con lo que muchos. muchos es inimaginable el asesinato de una niÑa en un autobÚs escolar, y eso ocurriÓ en el sur de la florida, tenÍa trece aÑos de edad, el principal sospechoso un niÑo que iba en el autobÚs, la pregunta cÓmo y por quÉ ocurriÓ esto, no sabemos todo, pero ricardo dice quÉ sabemos hasta el momen
está embarazada y se contagia con el virus de la influenza acuda de inmediato al médico, le diremos por qué. >>> cristian de la fuente será uno de los presentadores del latin grammy, hablamos con le actor, ahora esto en primer impacto ♪. >>> me paró el oficial simplemente por mi aspecto >>> el simple hecho de ser hispano le puede poner problemas con la policía en arizona >>> feliz comienzo de semana, sean bienvenidos a primer impacto, les saluda bárbara bermudo >>> también pamela silva conde, gracias por acompañarnos, más adelante tenemos el resultado de la prueba de impacto que dará mucho de qué hablar. >>> pero antes en la florida, en la cárcel terminaron las dos cantantes de horóscopos de durango. >>> en caos terminó esta presentación de horóscopos de durango en ockeechobe en la florida, una pelea entre dos hombres provocó la movilización de la policía y cuando las cantantes vieron la fuerza de los agentes, salieron en defensa de los dos seguidores. >>> ellas fueron arrestadas y la multitud lanzó botella,s latas y otros objetos, esta productora también recibió
mas conocidos comp superman, el hombre araÑa o la mujer maravilla dicen que son indocumentados ... le contamos de que se trata esta historia esta tard actor, ahora esto en primer impacto. ♪. >>> me parÓ el oficial simplemente por mi aspecto. >>> el simple hecho de ser hispano le puede poner problemas con la policÍa en arizona. >>> feliz comienzo de semana, sean bienvenidos a primer impacto, les saluda bÁrbara bermudo. >>> tambiÉn pamela silva conde, gracias por acompaÑarnos, mÁs adelante tenemos el resultado de la prueba de impacto que darÁ mucho de quÉ hablar. >>> pero antes en la florida, en la cÁrcel terminaron las dos cantantes de horÓscopos de durango. >>> en caos terminÓ esta presentaciÓn de horoscopos de durango en ockeechobe en la florida, una pelea entre dos hombres provocÓ la movilizacion de la policÍa y cuando las cantantes vieron la fuerza de los agentes, salieron en defensa de los dos seguidores. >>> ellas fueron arrestadas y la multitud lanzÓ botella,s latas y otros objetos, esta productora tambiÉn recibiÓ golpes. >>> fue un momento muy difÍcil
. what did you learn from it? >> to love each other more. >> reporter: gary tuchman, cnn, el dorado, texas. >>> digging deeper, let's bring in investigative reporter michael watkiss, who has done remarkable reporting on the flds. michael, a big move by the state of texas to try to seize the property. are people even still living in that compound? >> reporter: well, my sources are telling me there's clearly not as many people as of the time just prior to that raid when we had large families, women and children and lots of guys working down there, because that has been a work in progress since warren jeffs and his followers went down there in 2003. basically fleeing from pressure that they were getting in utah and arizona, and the bottom line, this is just a texas sized eviction notice put on the gates of that ranch yesterday, courtesy of the attorney general and texas rangers, who basically alleged from the get-go that warren jeffs and his followers went to texas with the intent to commit crimes. in a 91-page document filed yesterday, they're using prosecutor terms that they used for
that is critical is because egypt is involved profoundly in this problem. morici, the new le elely electe president of egypt, is in the muslim brothers. the muslim brothers and hamas are directly related. this is about egypt and the 1979 peace treaty. >> right. i'm going to get back to the whole issue of the spreading war. but i'm just real interested in the assessment, ambassador williamson, welcome back, that israel can just inflict massive, permanent damage on hamas and their alleged military. >> well, larry, first of all, i think it's really important to take a step back. we've been involved in a presidential election that sucked up the oxygen. hamas is a group that's recognized as a terrorist organization by the u.s. government, the israeli government and the european union, has increased shelling in areas of israel over recent weeks. they now have shelled tel aviv and 180 missiles went into southern israel. so israel for its own self-defense, its right of self-defense is organizing, rallying more reserve troops, getting ready for more permanent action. it can and should do what's necessary to
the nonexistent island started showing up on maps. >>> deadly crash in el dorado county leaves two people dead including children. what led up to the collision. >>> a man rescued from the pickup truck as it dangled over the edge of an oregon freeway. why he is facing charges this morning. . >>> deadly morning as they hit the road to head back from the thanksgiving holiday. welcome back to "mornings on 2". i am mike mibach. >> i am claudine wong. >>> it was a tough weekend and the fog could be slowing down the commute. we are on the hayward side where it is socked in for hours. >> matt, any clearer there? >> reporter: yes, it is a little bit clear. fog is still an issue here on the san mateo bridge. they are asking people to slow down. some have fog ads. we are showing you -- fog advisories. and just how thick the fog is here. chp say some of the worse accidents happen on bridges. >> they are dangerous. not much time to react with the thick fog. it seems to center over water usually. as you can see, we have thick fog behind us. not much reaction time. one person was killed on a westbound 80 on
parts of the capitol. reb els reportedly bombed the house of a top member of the ruling party, killing him and three activists. syrian leaders meeting and hope to form a transitional government that could take over syria if they are successful in over throwing the president. >> new details about a hero in last year's shooting at a cement plant. the district attorney said a truck driver is credited with lunging after the gunman in an effort to save his co workers, but he was shot and killed. that gunman, hid from police inside of a crawl space at a home in sunnyvale. deputies saw him the next day. they shot him but he had already died of aself inflicted gun shot wound. >>> a man convicted in a school bus kidnapping case won't be free any time soon. the 61-year-old fred woods was denied parole. he will stay in jail. he is one of three convicted of kidnapping a bus full of children in the central valley in 1976. another man was paroled in june. he was released in mountain view. >> round one is behind us. what about round go? steve is watching the latest computer models, he is working ov
have -- we have, the president of the united states, comes to the university of texas in el paso and makes jokes about the safety and security of our country and joking about the border, you know, we have the secretary of homeland security saying that. we've had 140 dead bodies that have been discovered in the last year alone in two rural texas counties. the statistics cited are great statistics, but no amount of statistics can cover up the bloodshed at the hands of drug cartel members, no amount of stats can be manipulated to cover -- >> statistics cited black and white numbers, they are not always accurate, the u crime report, why are not not showing up? >> ucr data covers eight categories. they do not cover drug trafficking. ucr data gus not cover money laundering, human trafficking, kidnapping, extortion not included in that data, and think about this, we have 12 # 41 miles between texas and mexico. we have great communities there. i go there often. 93% of our texas-mexico border is unincorporated and largely rural. that's the reality of the there was a run around occurring o
, it is a wonderful analytic tool. host: on the democratic line, jim from el paso, texas. caller: i think there is a demographic, and i represented. i do not think the republicans even thought about it -- represent it. my wife is hispanic. i am anglo. my children are half and half. i am a democrat. my wife is hispanic, and hispanics voted largely democratic. if you add those numbers up, i think the gop is in more trouble than they think. guest: that is an interesting point and part of what i was alluding to in the beginning. cultural factors have alienated the republicans from a certain block of voters. voters who are more comfortable with the increasing diversity of the country, and those were less comfortable with that. it does not mean they are racist. it is a question of what people feel comfortable with. how they adjust to change. the republicans have gotten themselves in a position where the are reliant on those voters who are less comfortable with the changing nature of the country. over time, that is a shrinking group. the percentage of voters who are comfortable with the change i
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)